Project Management

Pre & Post Construction Analysis

FCW Consulting offers Household Assessments and Pre-Construction Analysis to enable the smooth running and security of your household operations. This can be as simple as evaluating the family’s daily lifestyle in conjunction with staff and service flow or as complex as suggesting different systems for running single or multiple homes from security, household, employment, and inventory manuals, to zoning and proactive maintenance schedules. Establishing even a couple of Risk Management systems into your home will begin to lighten your daily regime and increase your organizational cohesiveness. For Pre-Construction Analysis, we will address design modifications that need to be implemented to reflect your vision of household service expectations, security and meet structural changes required in a staffed household to ensure functionality in service flow.

Site Visits

We tour and assess homes and work with clients and management staff to discuss and document the best methods to create functionality and harmonious service flow in the household.
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