Children & Teen Programs

Youth Etiquette

Crafted to help boys and girls aged 8-17 years of age gain confidence in varying situations such as:

  • Introductions
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Table manners
  • How to stay out of sticky situations with food
  • Handling special diets (For Religious, Cultural, Health reasons)
  • How to eat difficult foods
  • The written word: Letters, Emails, Thank You notes
  • How to behave at a special event

Teen Etiquette

Teens learn how to generate great first impressions for interviews and during social events.

Suggested for ages 16-18 years.

Teen Afternoon Tea and Etiquette

A special event to ultimately enjoy an elegant Royal Afternoon Tea service, preceded by learning all about tea, its history, types of tea, forms of tea service, and how to host a successful tea party.

Dining Tutorial

Graceful dining habits are vital signposts to success in today’s very competitive business environment.  How you lead and participate in mealtime discussions, evening entertainments, and other social gatherings identify you as a savvy, detail-oriented professional. This teen dining tutorial prepares participants to put themselves (and everyone they meet) at ease, and to set themselves up for success. This includes a 3 course lunch or dinner.

Suggested for ages 8+.

Parent/Youth Good Manners and Dining Etiquette

This unique seminar invites a Parent/Guardian to fully participate and accompany their child to a fun and interactive workshop to better assist in practicing and reinforcing skills at home.
Suggested for ages 9-13 years.

Training includes:

  • A comprehensive workbook, complete with information and learning reinforced materials, makes it great for review and home reference.
  • A tutorial 3-course lunch or dinner (dining tutorial).
  • A personalized Certificate of Attendance.
  • A take home gift.