To protect the confidentiality of our clients names have been withheld.

“Fiona and I worked together to launch a mentoring program for protocol professionals. She did an outstanding job; the following year she chaired the project and coordinated the program herself. As a result of her initiative, dedication, attention to detail and follow-through I nominated her to serve on the board of Protocol and Diplomacy International-Protocol Officers Association to which she was then elected in July 2012.”
SG, Texas


“Fiona Cameron is the consummate professional who has complete command of her fascinating subject matter and communicates it with passion and clarity. She is a wonderfully natural teacher as she shares the subtle nuances, for example, of the reasons why certain wines are paired with certain foods. Fiona is an expert without parallel and her commitment to her students and clients is paramount.”


“It is with great pleasure I recommend FCW Staffing. We have used FCW Staffing to successfully place staff in our home.  Further, Fiona was a valuable tool in the organization of our new hires and the household.  She was diligent, responsive and effective.”
ED, New York (February 2012)


“In an industry that demands the highest standards and commitment to excellence, you need not look any further than Fiona Cameron. Fiona is committed to providing stellar quality service combined with top-notch results.”
LC, New York (February 2012)


“In all of my interactions with Fiona, I have found her to be very professional. She is extremely well organized, very responsive in communication and demonstrates the utmost integrity at all times. In addition; having met her in person and being in regular contact with her on various projects, I must say that she is charming.”
WL, Florida (February 2012)


“It is my pleasure to pen this testimonial for FCW. As a domestic professional, I’ve never met a more professional, conscientious and gracious consulting organization like FCW. Fiona’s excellence in service and protocol enables her to precisely connect each client with the appropriate candidate who possess the characteristics and abilities best suited for the assignment (and household) at hand. The end result is long-term satisfaction for both parties involved. Thank you, Fiona for being the proverbial “bridge” that has been instrumental in connecting me to my greatest opportunity as a professional in the domestic field.”
Confidential, NYC


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and training the butlers to the highest standard. We hope you enjoyed the experience of Jumeirah Dhevanafushi and we look forward to welcoming you again in the near future.”
Ernst Mayer, – General Manager – Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, Maldives


“Thank you for your placement services that led to the successful recruitment to the critically important position of Chef, at the Lanza Center. As you know, prior to FCW Hospitality’s involvement, we experienced numerous false starts in our attempt to get the program working. Initially, we were unable to find a qualified person with the attitude needed to work with at-risk teenagers. Your thoughtful placement has given us a Chef with all the skills and attitude required, and the additional qualification of being bilingual. A home run for the Lanza Center and the teens served on the Dobbs Ferry Campus! I am deeply grateful for your good work and generosity.”
Jeremy Christopher Kohomban,- President & Chief Executive Officer – Children’s Village, New York


“With your help, conversations and consulting we have much more clarity about the position we are creating here. The job description is really key to making sure we have someone who can perform all the necessary tasks of our particular household. Our time together has been well spent. Thank you so much for getting us ‘started'”
J.M New York


“In the hospitality / service industry, Fiona is the quintessential model for any top professional to emulate! Her service heart, energy and industry knowledge are showcased in every task she undertakes. She is at the top of her game, with intelligence, true caring and leadership skills that are second to none. I highly recommend her for private service or to an organization desiring to provide world-class service for their most affluent clients.”


“Fiona is highly qualified through her extensive experience as an estate manager, both in the US and internationally. Fiona’s professional ethics, knowledge of protocol, fairness, honesty and personal integrity qualify her to evaluate any private staffing situation and train to provide the most efficient, effective, ultimate private service. Fiona’s advice is always spot on; I highly recommend her to consult with any principal and/or their staff.”
New York


“Fiona has been a pleasure to work with. I have done many projects for her. Her attention to detail and commitment to her projects makes for seamless presentations. I would use Fiona as a consultant for my own projects and events. I highly recommend her services.”
Washington, DC


“Fiona is a rare combination of intelligent, organized, creative, committed, works well with others, delegates well. She sees the big picture as well as making sure the details are taken care of. Fiona has worked internationally in many settings and with many responsibilities giving her a broad view.”
San Juan, WA


“Fiona is a consummate professional who knows how to manage a team. She understands the value of quality service and can provide 110% with a friendly and calming demeanor. It was an honor to work with her”
St. Simons, GA