Recruitment Tips

Six Attributes Recruiters Look For in Candidates

If there’s one rule of thumb that should apply to candidates looking to succeed in the contemporary private service industry, it’s this: Top-notch jobs call for top-notch professionals. As a trusted recruiter tasked with finding the best service staff for our discerning clients, here are 6 qualities FCW Consulting looks for in an ideal candidate:



  • Professionalism – A professional demeanor implies that the person understands the importance of presentation, planning ahead, and remaining focused and poised under pressure.
  • Experience – A strong resume helps, but hands-on experience and knowledge of precisely what a job will entail will make you stand out.
  • Problem solving – The ability to foresee potential challenges and offer solutions to problems and changes in plans
  • Good attitude – A willingness to understand an employer’s habits, needs, and idiosyncrasies and respond accordingly, with good humor and discretion.
  • Integrity – Sound moral character and pride in a job well done
  • Organization, organization, organization! – Proven success in creating systems, maintaining routines, and meeting deadlines

Placement Trends

Seasons Greetings from Jennifer Lordly Stemes, Senior Staffing Consultant at Home Staffing Network, International.

This month I’d like to report on something about which I have first hand knowledge – Private Service – and in particular the changes I’ve seen in the industry with regard to economics, Client mindset, and the Domestic Service Candidate.

I belong to a Nationwide organization called DEMA – Domestic Estate Managers Association.  The Chapter meetings held each month are informative, educational, and a great opportunity to network.  Visiting with staffing consultants like ourselves, service providers, vendors, and Estate Staff members who attend gives me an excellent opportunity to get a pulse on the industry.

Most recently, I attended our South Florida Chapter October meeting (The Flamingo Chapter) and I came away from it realizing, again, that the industry has definitely changed.  Change isn’t always negative, it just offers all of us a chance to recreate our plans and reinvent the way we approach those plans.

I find lately that Clients (employers) are focusing even more on the economics of hiring staff, naturally worrying how the political climate will affect their wallets.  To that end we’re seeing more demands placed on the shoulders of the staff.  For example, in the past when I was working in a fine estate with my husband, our roles were clearly defined as “hands-on” housekeeping and occasional cook, and repairs and preventative maintenance and we shared the duties.  We supervised others like gardeners, and other support staff  and had a pretty good idea of our daily routine.  Obviously though, in service, flexibility is always key.

Today that same couple may be called upon to chauffeur, nanny, manage record keeping, provide full-time cooking and housekeeping, gardening, as well as providing formal table  service, the same hands-on maintenance, longer hours, and fewer benefits due to the ever increasing cost of insurance and housing.  We’re seeing more expectations by Clients and in some cases a smaller package being offered.  Although job orders are on the rise we’re seeing fewer qualified Candidates who are willing to take a new job, perhaps for fear of leaping from the frying pan into the fire.

Does that mean good jobs aren’t to be found?  Absolutely not!  I think the “fat cat days” are over and we all need to appreciate that the Client still hopes for the best service and when the Candidate brings the best to the table, that’s all that can be asked.  Together the Employer and Employee can establish a good rapport with open communications.  We, in the staffing consultant business, encourage fair employment environment and standards for all parties.

While we fervently hope for a change to the demands being asked of staff, I feel it is imperative for individuals to understand there is a new mentality in the industry and to explore any educational and resume building opportunities that one can, whether it be online courses or attending a good training facility.  Due diligence when looking at a new job is vital.

Remember the Candidate isn’t just being interviewed for the job. The Client is also being interviewed by the Candidate.  Each party to the placement needs to ask themselves, “Is this a good match for me?”

Best wishes for a happy, safe, Holiday time and for a prosperous New Year to come.