Events & Speaking

The Professional Housekeeper Boot Camp (Held on April 2011)

Held on April 16th in Manhattan, This was An essential full day workshop held for professional housekeepers who wanted to build his or her career and gain confidence with the necessary skills and more. Focus was given to:

Career Development

  • Becoming a Qualified Professional Housekeeper
  • Resume Building & References
  • Protocol & Professional Behavior on the Job
  • Problem Solving * Review Sessions

Household Training

  • Cleaning a Home from top to bottom
  • Scheduling Responsibilities * Time Management
  • Organization * Attention to Detail
  • Laundry: From Sorting to Ironing
  • Developing Basic Cooking Skills
  • Setting a Formal & Informal Table Setting

Guest speaker was Marta Perrone – Nationally acclaimed Housekeeping Expert. Allison Julien, a DWU board members and Education Program Coordinator also joined us to talk about DWU (Domestic Workers United) as well as the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, the first legislation in the US to guarantee basic rights and protections to domestic workers.