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Spring forward, but not too fast

Posted by: ~ March 13, 2013 ~ 0 comments

by Maripili Rodriguez
Healthy Lifestyle Mentor

Head ShotDoesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that we were counting down to 2013 with excitement for a new year and the opportunity for a start fresh, especially in regards to our health and wellness. Now, after a long, harsh winter, spring is right around the corner. Spring is a welcomed time for renewal and new beginnings, more so when we have fallen short on our new year resolutions to lose weight, tone-up, and improve our health. Now the challenge is how can we make this season’s endeavor for better health and well being different and more successful than our previous attempts?

In our fast-paced, multi-tasking, ever-demanding society all things quick and easy are highly prized, from on-line shopping to meal preparation to accessing information and losing weight convenience is king, queen and better make up the rest of the court in order to keep us feeling happy and constantly moving forward. But there are some cases where quick and easy do not benefit you, namely your health. Expecting quick and easy methods to give you results is the wrong mentality for long-term success. Easy equals no effort. For example, how many health and fitness articles have you read that promised quick solutions for your areas of concern; you read the article, don’t act on the advice and tips provided then go on about your life. That’s because they are quick and easy solutions. They do not address the core of your obstacles or hold you accountable for investing any time or effort. The same is true for diets that consist of unrealistic regiments or meals through the mail but do not implement creating healthy habits so you have a foundation to maintain any progress you may accomplish.

The most sensible action to take right now is to get clear on your why and what. Aside from fitting into an outfit or looking good for an event or a season, why is it important for you to be at a healthy weight and in good health? What would it mean for you, your life and your family? Once you become clear about your why and what, commit to taking one step towards your goals and practice it all month, then add a new healthy habit each month. It can be to exercise regularly, eat more greens, cook at home more often but choose just one so you are able to maintain it and not feel overwhelmed. If after a couple of weeks into March you feel confident enough to work towards another healthy habit, by all means go for it.

The road to long-term success isn’t quick and easy, it’s slow and steady. Make spring 2013 the launch of your journey to improved health and well being.

Maripili Rodriguez is a certified personal trainer, certified holistic health counselor, and professionally trained chef. Maripili specializes in showing women how to maximize their metabolism using her signature 6 week  system that keeps your body burning calories 24/7 while enjoying the benefits of more energy, improved digestion, deeper, quality sleep, reduced cravings and a renewed connection to your body so you are empowered to lose weight and create a healthy body and life you love. http://fromdiettolifestyle.com/