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Successful seminar for private service professionals

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A great group of attendees spent Saturday with Fiona, Bonnie Low-Kramen, and Vickie Sokol Evans at “Raising the Bar to Gain Your Edge”, a very special one-day mini-conference for Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, and private service professionals.

Here are the handouts from the seminar:

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Bring-Your-Own Device Takes off in the Workplace, but What Are the Risks?

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by Stephen Conroy, Cong IT

Are you able to access your computer network at work with your iPad? What about your iPhone or your laptop computer? This trend, known as bring-your-own-device or BYOD, is on the rise in the workplace. It makes sense: When companies encourage employees to bring their own devices to the office, these same companies don’t have to spend as much on desktop computers and other high-tech equipment.

The move ...

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Insights into planning a family vacation to China

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by TJMS Partners

The secret is the guides

A trip to Beijing and Shanghai presents an opportunity to explore China’s fascinating history (Beijing) and to peer into its future (Shanghai). Perhaps more than any other destination, your choice of guides in China will determine how well you get to know the country and its people. Hiring a generic guide through a hotel concierge will not result in a meaningful experience.

For those ...

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