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Summer Shopping Highlights

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Spring has sprung!!! We are so excited about Spring 2012 fashion trends. If I can sum it up in one word….COLOR!

Not since the 80’s have we seen so many bright, even neon colors and bold prints in women’s fashion. The two hottest shades of all that color is with out a doubt coral and tangerine.

Coral became all the rage when Kate Middleton appeared wearing a pair of ...

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Smell and Persuasion

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Remember that up to 95% of all persuasion and influence involves a subconscious trigger.  That is a feeling that is generated when you attempt to influence your prospect.

What is the answer to the following Persuasion IQ question?

Which of the following can affect the persuasion process?

a)     Color
b)     Smell
c)     Moods
d)     Appearance
e)     All of the above

I know this question is on the difficult side, but I wanted you to understand the importance of subconscious triggers.  The answer to today’s ...

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