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Entertain a Client with Sports

Posted by: ~ March 19, 2012 ~ 0 comments

By: Peter Kemp
CEO, Sports World Access

Sports have always been a great resource for entertaining your most important clients, as long as you execute properly. Differentiate yourself by having high touch access to “top 100” golf clubs which will leave lasting impressions on your most valued clients. Don’t get stuck entertaining your most important clients at clubs that neither of you has heard of; it can send the negative impression that they are not important to you or that you don’t have a certain social standing within your own community. Access to elite golf clubs can be very tough to obtain without the right contacts. We have those contacts.

With respect to the mainstream sport (NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL) perspective, sponsorships are an excellent way to obtain the necessary access to make a lasting impression on your clients. Sponsorships include two important components – the best seats in the stadium & the best access behind closed doors (e.g, pre game field access, locker room tours, etc). Sponsorships run from $150,000 to $500,000 and will only give you those benefits in a single location. If possible, finding programs (such as Sports World Access) that give you access to sponsorships across the country can be beneficial, giving you sponsorship holder benefits, high touch relationships, and premium access, in multiple locations. We have these sponsorships.

Having inside sports contacts can also be extremely important. Athletes & high level executives are also an excellent way to obtain access. At some point in their lives, and at various points in our lives, most high net worth individuals dreamed of competing as a professional athlete. However, for most of us, that wasn’t possible, so we decided to pursue other careers. Giving your clients access to the people who know sports and other industries at the highest level can make a lasting impression. We have these relationships.

Many people have a passion for sports – use that to your advantage and to solidify a business relationship.