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Entertain a Client with Sports

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By: Peter Kemp
CEO, Sports World Access

Sports have always been a great resource for entertaining your most important clients, as long as you execute properly. Differentiate yourself by having high touch access to “top 100” golf clubs which will leave lasting impressions on your most valued clients. Don’t get stuck entertaining your most important clients at clubs that neither of you has heard of; it can send the negative impression that ...

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Olympic Protocol

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By: Karen Bryk, M.V.O.
Deputy Chief of Protocol
Government of Manitoba

The various elements of the Olympic Games ceremonies are mandated by the Olympic Charter and cannot be changed by the host nation. The basic events of each ceremony have remained unchanged. The presentation of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies continue to increase in scope, scale and expense with each successive celebration, but they are still steeped in tradition.

Things to watch for

The ...

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Making a Lasting First Impression

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Here are some quick tips on how to make that first impression count .

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