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Advice on Wedding Gift Protocol by etiquette expert Fiona Cameron-Williams

Posted by: ~ November 3, 2011 ~ 0 comments

Kim Kardashian Should Return Her Wedding Gifts and Ring

In this age of highly publicized, short-lived weddings, it is possible to have your wedding cake and eat it too…just make sure that if the marriage is over in less than six months, all unused gifts are returned to the buyers with a handwritten note. No tweets or emails, thank you.

Even during personally challenging times, manners do matter so it is important to respond appropriately in order to leave a positive impression with the people who have influence on your career and your life.

And to the 20-karat question of whether Kim should keep her engagement ring?

The ring was given as a gift, therefore protocol dictates it is hers to keep, with one exception: heirlooms from the groom’s family must be returned.