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Professional Storage Tips

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As Winter pokes it’s head around the corner and Autumn is clearly in full swing, our friends at Gard Robe share their tips on storing and protecting your precious wardrobe and keeping it in pristine condition during the change of season!

So, you have the walk-in closet you always dreamed of and assembled an impeccable collection of vintage, haute couture, evening wear and accessories.  Now, how do you go about protecting ...

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Advice on Wedding Gift Protocol by etiquette expert Fiona Cameron-Williams

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Kim Kardashian Should Return Her Wedding Gifts and Ring

In this age of highly publicized, short-lived weddings, it is possible to have your wedding cake and eat it too…just make sure that if the marriage is over in less than six months, all unused gifts are returned to the buyers with a handwritten note. No tweets or emails, thank you.

Even during personally challenging times, manners do matter so it is important to respond appropriately in order to leave a positive impression ...

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Feng Shui and Your Front Door

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Feng Shui and Your Front Door
By: Catherine Brophy
Defining feng shui is difficult. To a large degree it is intangible and invisible. Simply put, feng shui is a practical way of aligning people in their environments, in a way that not only eliminates obstacles, but also enhances opportunities and good fortune. This holds true whether you have one or many homes, offices, buildings, etc., because everything that ...

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