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Holiday Season: How to make it one to remember!

Posted by: ~ October 19, 2011 ~ 0 comments

Start a family tradition of bringing the generations in a whole new way. Help youngsters and seniors bond by organizing cross-generational interviews about everyone’s favorite family holiday. Just count the great payoffs when you:

  • Bring all generations together for a fun, unique and memorable holiday event
  • Help youngsters appreciate family traditions, celebrations, and their elders
  • Give them lifelong academic skills rarely taught in class–writing, history, social studies etc.
  • Make a permanent keepsake or “snapshot” book about the members of your family
  • Make youth feel more active in, and important to, the family as your project’s authors.
  • Work in teams–even getting guests involved
  • Learn how to organize an innovative fundraiser for a favorite organization, charity or group
And at the end of the day, designate the most enthusiastic youth the Official Family Historian!How-To:
Just prepare a convenient recording method to save the interviews (video, audio, still camera or even paper and pencil). Have one adult “coach” the kids (aged 10 and up may work best) on what they’ll be doing, in 30 minutes or less. Encourage the kids to think up interesting questions to ask the seniors. Have them tell the coach what they’d like to ask; and as long the question’s appropriate, give the kids the spotlight.Questions might include:
  1. What’s your earliest holiday memory?
  2. How did your family celebrate when you were a little boy or girl?
  3. How was it different from what we’re doing this year?
  4. What was the best present you ever received?
  5. What’s the most fun thing you can imagine doing next year?

Let the seniors know the plan ahead of time, so they can come prepared with photos or memorabilia

If you take photos or videos of the completed interviews, post them online or make a multimedia family stroll down memory lane!