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How To Be a Thoughtful Host

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New York in the Fall and during the holidays is one of my favorite times of year. No doubt this is when you’ll start getting more and more guests visit you as well! Here are some tips on how to be a thoughtful host:

“Nightingale” hallways in the medieval Japanese Nijo Castle were built squeaky on purpose. Royal hosts didn’t want any uninvited guests–especially those carrying ...

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Holiday Season: How to make it one to remember!

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Start a family tradition of bringing the generations in a whole new way. Help youngsters and seniors bond by organizing cross-generational interviews about everyone’s favorite family holiday. Just count the great payoffs when you:

  • Bring all generations together for a fun, unique and memorable holiday event
  • Help youngsters appreciate family traditions, celebrations, and their elders
  • Give them lifelong academic skills rarely taught in class–writing, history, social studies etc.
  • Make a permanent keepsake or “snapshot” book about the members of your family
  • Make youth feel more ...
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